Geeta Maharjan

Traditional Paper craft, dedicated company for producing Nepalese handicrafts only made from Nepali paper, is regularly providing its services since 2060 BS. It has a lot of contribution on promoting Nepalese handicrafts worldwide by taking part in various exhibitions held on USA, China and many more on Handicrafts.

 Mrs. Geeta Maharjan who has started the company 10years ago is a well determined and independent lady who has started her career on paper crafting from small scale at the starting is now contributing her best to promote Nepalese handicrafts internationally through her active participation and is also exporting to various countries in a high volume. Its major products are Nepali paper based decorative like wall hanging, lamp shades, photo frames, etc. It is not only limited to decorative but also accessories like paper jewelry (ear rings, bracelets, and neckpiece) whereas beautiful diary and greeting cards which can be gifted to your friends and relatives is also produced by Traditional paper craft. It is located near Banasthali. Its factory address is Chamati-15, Kathmandu. It’s just 10 minutes’ drive from one of the biggest tourist center Thamel.

Store Address

Chamati-15, Kathmandu.

Factory Address

Chamati-15, Kathmandu.

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Not available